Thursday, April 15, 2010

Week 13 PLE

    • What technologies are you going to have available to you in the classroom? In my future classroom, I will probably have 4 computers in my classroom, and access to a computer lab or a C.O.W. These computers will be equipped with the internet so I will be able to use online resources. I will also have dry erase boards, a projector and an overhead.
    • What technologies are not available that you would like to use in the classroom? Having a SmartBoard would be extremely useful in the classroom setting because it is more hands-on than the students just looking at a PowerPt slide of something.
    • What are some ways to get technologies into the classroom that are not readily available? I first think of downloading programs onto the computer before the school year starts (i.e. Google Earth, Stellarium, etc.). Also, it is important to stay organized and on top of things with scheduling a computer lab or use of a C.O.W. You have to plan ahead in order to effectively incorporate technology into your lessons.

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