Thursday, April 15, 2010

TPACK Social Studies Plan

Name: Haley VandeMerwe

Title: Connecting with the Past


Students will connect with recent events by reading and seeing where these events are taking place in the world. In groups, students will recognize history's affect on modern day governmental decisions, and how the present is extremely connected with the past.

Primary Core Objective:

Standard 2
Students will investigate the relationship between events of different time periods. Objective 2
Analyze how contemporary concerns and events affect and are affected by history.

Materials Used by the Teacher:

  • Computer
  • Projector
  • Create worksheet with questions about the crimes and punishments of colonial times and how they relate to today

Materials Used by the Students:

  • Computer
  • Pencil and paper to write a paragraph about connections with the past

Technologies Used by the Teacher:

  • Google Earth
  • PowerPoint

Technologies Used by the Students:

  • Current Events:
  • Colonial Crimes and Punishments:

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • My students will be able to know where to look to find current events
  • My students will be able cite examples where the present day is connected with the past

Instructional Procedures:

  1. Open up the news website on the projector for the whole class to see. Students take turns reading it outloud, then discuss the events that are read.
  2. Open Google Earth on the projector, and look at the areas where these current events take place. Talk about how the different features on the land could effect the events, or any future events that could happen.
  3. Next, divide the students into groups of 4 and have them go to a computer and read the article found at <>. Have the students fill out the worksheet that has previously been made with questions relating the information to present day cases.
4. Have the students write a paragraph about what they have learned about finding the current news and relating it to historical events. Have them turn in this piece of paper.
  • To be found: three different court cases- students will read the cases and decided on what the final say would be if they had been the judges. They will then read about the actual decision the court made in those situations, and determine why the court ruled this way


Students who finish early can use a computer to look up more news sites so they can develop more of an awareness of current events.

Assessment Plan:

I will know my students have learned the concepts I am teaching because they will be able to get 9/10 questions on a quiz about the news events we talked about in class. Also, they will get a check plus on the paragraph they write about connections with history which they will have turned in to me.

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