Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finished Digital Storytelling Challenge

Week 5 PLE

Pros and Cons of Digital Storytelling Technology
Overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to making and using digital storytelling in the classroom. A con of digital storytelling is the amount of time needed to make a project. Figuring out how to match up the music and voice with the pictures can be a bit tricky. Our group was lucky to have Brett in our group who already knew how to make our video. A big pro in this technology is the fact that it spices up the classroom. It's an educational medium that is interesting and fun. Plus, you can make it your own, unique video, including anything you want. For example, we used our own pictures that we drew. It was pretty simple to take a picture of our drawings and upload to the computer. This made it different from any other rhyming princess story that may exist.

Google Earth
Google Earth is so cool! I can pick any place in the world and go there! I love how I can see actual streets, building, and monuments! I feel like Google Earth is a great way to stay connected to the world, and not miss out! If the news mentions a place, I can go on Google Earth and see it! This technology is great for usage in the classroom because, like the project we will be doing in class, you can set up a tour and watch videos about the place you're virtually visiting. This will be perfect when my students read a book that is set somewhere else in the world because we can go tour around that place using Google Earth. Therefore, as a class we can connect more with the book which will make it more interesting to read :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 4 PLE

Storyboard Reviews I looked at the storyboards of Andrea, Katelyn, Anne, Sheila, and Kristen. I thought they all had great ideas, and I can't wait to see their final presentations! I think the hardest part of implementing digital stories into the classroom will be making sure their purpose is clearly shown through the video (that the right message is portrayed in the stories). Using this technology will be very useful because I think it will interest the kids more, and it will help explain the topic at hand thoroughly through examples.

Sharing What I've learned I have shared what I've learned with my family and roommates. It has mostly been to explain where I go for two hours on Tuesday nights. I tell them how the class is important so I can relate to the students I teach, and so I can be a more effective teacher in their learning. Plus, taking this class will make the classes I teach more interesting for students as I put what I've learned to use. As I've shared the new technologies I've learned with my friends and family, they get excited! Also, I've found that as I explain these programs, I learn more about them as well. My explanation skills are getting better as I teach things to others, and I'm becoming more solid in knowing exactly what these technologies are. It's great!