Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 12 PLE

One of the things that I learned from these videos is that the teachers use "audio/video resources to find relevant and appropriate information." Also, not only do the teachers create an activity to engage the students, but they also teach the students the basics on "how to use basic equipment for educational activities. On the "I Love Spiders" video, the students not only take part in taking the pictures of the spiders, but they also put the pictures on the class website. They use the website to communicate with other classes so they can see how the spider types differ between places. In the "Habitats" video, the teacher teaches the students to use multimedia software to create a presentation. Also, the students learn about online resources (where they can use pictures, etc.) for their slide show. With this, copyright issues are taught and the students learn about the role that computers have in society. The teachers in both these videos facilitate their own learning process. Also, they effectively use technology for literacy and content by conducting their leeson in this manner.

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